Arrival time ... your call but sound check needs to be finished by 7 PM. 

Guest arrive at 7:30 PM

Music starts at 8:00 PM

1 hour set ... break ... Show ends at 10:00 PM!

Enjoy the artist lounge with sips & nibbles. 

AVOID POLITICS at all costs!

Equipment Guide

As much as possible ... use our back end equipment.

Full Ludwig maple drum kit & cymbals
Mesa Boogie guitar amp with line out to board.
Fender ...Guitar amp with line out to board. 
Bugera BXD15A  bass amp with line out to board.
Assorted mics or BRING your own.

Key board
Key board
Assorted stands & DIs.


A company check made out to your directions before the show. 1099 to artists. 

We accommodate multiple checks to band members. 

Aritsts are allowed to sell their own merchandise at the display table. All transactions are managed by the responsible artists.

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